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Pei Wei Hosting Online Cooking Class, Big Announcement

For those of you with a taste for Thai, Pei Wei's Executive Chef Eric Justice will demo three off-menu recipes live on the restaurant's website tonight at 8 7 p.m. After the demo, Justice promises to take the wraps off a major announcement "that could take you on the culinary adventure of a lifetime."

The free, half-hour class, streamed from Phoenix, will explain the steps and seasonings you need to know to make Kao Soi noodles, Chicken Laarb and Grilled Thai Sausage, all fast and flavorful food the masses. You can follow along or, if you've already had dinner by then, download the recipes afterward on the Pei Wei Facebook Fan page.

As far as that announcement goes? We'll be tuning in with everyone else to find out.

Pei Wei Asian Dinner

2709 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL