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NoMI Opens Its Kitchen to Diners for Two Nights

When NoMI's Chef de Cuisine Ryan LaRoche won this past September's Hamburger Hop competition (judged by the likes of Thomas Keller, outgoing Bon Appetit editor in chief Barbara Fairchild and Michelin Guide director Jean-Luc Naret), the only question on anyone's mind was how he managed to cook that pounded piece of Wagyu beef so perfectly rare (not to mention the ever so gently smoked tomato aioli). Now diners will have a chance to see for themselves what exactly goes on inside LaRoche's kitchen (and perhaps his mind) with a unique hands-on dining experience on November 26 and December 17.

Chef's tables are nothing new for the city's fine dining haunts, but NoMI plans to take the experience a few steps further, actually letting guests help LaRoche and his team prep and cook the meals.

For your troubles, you'll then dine on four exclusive off-menu courses, plus cheese and refined desserts from Pastry Chef Frederic Moreau. And we're pretty certain they'll do the dishes for you when you're done.

The NoMI Kitchen Experience is $150 per person, with the option to add wine pairings to each course for an additional $100 per person, and is available for parties of four to six people.

As you might expect, given that the kitchen still has to fit LaRoche's crew and put out food for the rest of the restaurant, this is a very limited offering. So, for reservations, cross your fingers and call Melanie Maes at the Park Hyatt Chicago: (312) 239-4017.


800 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL