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Inovasi Chef John des Rosiers Reveals Wisma Menu

Even though Inovasi owner John des Rosiers won't open his new easy-to-eat gourmet grocery for at least another month, plans are moving along at a quick clip and that includes already firming up the opening menu. And it looks like those in the northern 'burbs are going to eat well.

As we reported earlier, the menu will have a variety of items from sandwiches and salads to charcuterie and main dishes. The healthy menu will contain mostly locally sourced food that's often organically produced and often produced in-house. It will feature items like Pinn Oak lamb stew with local sweet onions, organic mushroom and Malbec wine with potatoes; homemade smoked organic turkey sandwich with arugula, crispy onion and paremsan aioli; chicken chowder soup; orechiette with black pepper, garlic, goat, cheese, roasted tomato and wine; and a rich double chocolate cake.

All individual items on the menu are under $13, with the majority being under $9. You can also order complete meal packages starting at $32 and going up to $80, depending on how many courses you order. Des Rosiers has said that the store will be sustainable, but he'll also be giving back on a daily basis. All surplus food left over at the end of each day will be donated to local food kitchens to help feed those in need.

To view the full Wisma menu in PDF format, download it here.


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28 E. Scranton Ave., Lake Bluff, IL