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Rob & Allie Levitt Depart Mado; Set to Open a Butcher Shop

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This is something we didn't see coming: Rob and Allie Levitt, who put Mado on the map, have left the building.

News just broke that the couple who opened the restaurant in Wicker Park will channel their energy into The Butcher and Larder a soon-to-open butcher shop in Noble Square and hope to have the doors open around Thanksgiving.

Rob Levitt has become known in Chicago as an expert butcher who has total respect for the animals and uses, almost literally, every body part. He and Allie have long been supporters of local farmers like Slagel, Dietzler and Gunthorp and will continue to do so. Allie will continue to make and likely expand on her pastry side while Rob will also create pâtés, terrines, bacon, hams, corned beef, pastrami and more, according to Time Out Chicago. The couple also plans on hosting BYO farm dinners once a month on Sunday nights.

Sounds like a big blow to Mado.
· Rob and Allie Levitt to Open Butcher Shop [TOC]

An older shot of the Levitts butchering [Photo: 312DD]


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