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Charlie Trotter, Graham Elliot Sign Up For "Fix This Kitchen"

Is it a makeover show? Is it a cooking show? It looks like A&E's upcoming new series, Fix This Kitchen, pulls it all together. Will it have the same emotion as that Ty Pennington gig? Maybe not, but A&E has snagged some heavy hitters to help home cooks make their kitchens more functional and efficient.

Each week brings a different chef to small town America to help rehab a failing cooking space. Chicago's Charlie Trotter and Graham Elliot both pitch in, but so do Lidia Bastianich, Marcus Samuelsson, Ming Tsai and Georges Perrier. IKEA is on board as a sponsor so expect some well-made (if not impossibly frustrating-to-assemble) cabinetry.

Not sure if the show, kicking off Oct. 16, will be edge-of-your-seat exciting, but the hook will be that surprise moment when the "big reveal" happens to the disgruntled home cook. We're shivering with excitement. You too? Check the program guide to see what's in store.
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Graham Elliot [Photo: Tribune]

Graham Elliot

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Graham Elliot

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