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A Young Grant Achatz in Hawaii with Thomas Keller, Richard Blais

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Blais, Achatz, Keller & Durfee
Blais, Achatz, Keller & Durfee
Photo: Grant Achatz

Wow, it's amazing when we look back at old photos and see ourselves in a different light. Reminiscing for reminiscing sake is fun, but when you're doing it to pull together images for a book chronicling your life, it must bring up a lot of emotions.

Grant Achatz just tweeted a photo of himself, Thomas Keller, Richard Blais and Stephen Durfee chillin in Hawaii for his forthcoming memoir, Life on the Line, out next March. With that grouping of talent, we'd love to know what was on the menu at that event. Regardless, it's nice to see they all got leid. Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves. [Twitter]
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