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Chef de Cuisine Matthias Merges Leaving Trotter's

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In an email forwarded to Eater Chicago, we learned that Matthias Merges, chef de cuisine at Charlie Trotter's, is leaving the organization after 14 years to pursue his own opportunities. We are awaiting further comment from Merges to learn about his plans and what caused his departure. In the email, he says his contact information at Trotter's is no longer valid, so it looks like his leaving was swift. Either that, or it's been in the works for a bit and now it's official. As we learn more, we'll fill you in.

Here's the full email we received:

Dear Colleagues and friends

With great consideration, I have decided to move on from Charlie Trotter's organization to pursue opportunities on my own within this wonderful world of cuisine, wine and hospitality.

I wanted to share this information with you and thank you. I am very grateful for the relationships we have built and the accomplishments we have made together during my 14 year tenure at Trotter’s. Your patronage, professionalism, inspiration and leadership are all valuable components to our achievements.

Please be aware that my contact information at Charlie Trotter's is no longer valid. My email address is and my personal cell number remains same. I will forward you my new coordinates as they solidify.

With deep respect and admiration,

Matthias Merges

Matthias Merges [Photo: The Chef's Connection]

Charlie Trotter's

816 W Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL 60614 773-248-6228

Charlie Trotter's

816 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL