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Dolinsky Finds the Top 5 Best Smoked Fish in Chicago

When you're craving some solid smoked fish—and honestly doesn't that happen every day?—you don't know where to turn. But thankfully, the Hungry Hound has sniffed out his picks for best smoked fish in the city. And to sniff that out, you must really have one helluva craving.

His top pick is Hagen's, one of the oldest fish smokeries in Chicago, located on the city's Northwest Side. That's followed up by Dirk's Fish & Gourmet Shop (offering some of the best fish around, smoked or not) and then the Fish Guy Market, also a great source for all things seafood. The list is completed by Calumet Fisheries and Lawrence's Fisheries, both on the South Side. So if you need a nice deli tray, some lox and bagels and a little nosh, you know where to go for the fish.
· Top 5 Sources for Smoked Fish in Chicago [Vocalo]

The Fish Guy's Smoked Salmon [Photo: The Fish Guy]

Calumet Fisheries

3259 E 59th Street, Chicago, IL 60617 773 933 9855