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Chicagoan Malika Ameen Quits Top Chef: Just Desserts

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Ameen and Caro
Ameen and Caro
Photo: CNN

Man, there's been a lot of drama on Top Chef: Just Desserts ... and only a few episodes have aired. Granted most of the drama had come from Seth Caro, who, despite wanting to win the whole package to help his mom pay off her medical bills, just couldn't keep it together. The talented Caro seemed a little unbalanced, giving way to panic attacks, flying off the handle at other contestants and spastically running around the kitchen.

That all ended last night when Caro threw himself into a tizzy over ice cream, went into a panic attack and had to be taken away by ambulance. Caro: exit stage left.

An even bigger shocker was that Malika Ameen, former owner of Chicago's now-shuttered Aigre Doux, asked to be let go, despite making a saffron panna cotta that guest judge and fellow Chicagoan Gale Gand clearly loved. At the end of the day, Ameen couldn't take the pressure of the competition and also missed being away from her kids. Ever the sacrificial lamb, Ameen asked to be let go before the judges had to select the night's loser.

So will the rest of the season be drama free? We doubt it. After all, pastry making is a serious business. Someone is bound to melt down yet again.

If you already miss Ameen and want to sample her sweets for yourself, she recently launched ByMDesserts, a Chicago-based pastry company. So don't feel that bad for her.

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