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Welcome to Eater Chicago!


The rumors are true. The big day is finally here. Eater Chicago has landed in the Windy City. Sure, we said that back in 2008, but we had this little thing called the Great Recession. We took a break. Gathered ourselves. Counted our pennies and now it's going to be even better ... and bigger.

We are thrilled to join the Eater National family of sites, including New York, LA, SF, Miami and Portland, Ore. And just as exciting, Austin launches today, too. Pretty soon, little baby Eaters may populate cities all over the country. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. First, let's focus on Chicago, the new site and me, Ari Bendersky, Eater Chicago's new editor.

Eater Chicago will bring you a daily dose of restaurant news, chef tales, humorous Twitter reports and everything that revolves around food in Chicago. No, we won't toss out recipes and we don't drool over obvious food porn, but we will bring you the freshest news we can dig up. And boy do we plan on digging.

But that doesn't mean you just get to sit back and read. We need you to send us tips. We want to hear every rumble and creak in Chicago's restaurant and nightlife scene, and that means sending us everything you see and hear. Openings, closings, pictures of ridiculous signage, weird policies, chefs changing restaurants, chefs storming out of restaurants during service and taking their entire staffs with them, health code violations, funny menu typos, celebrity sightings, rumors, innuendo. If Joey Slotnick parties at Underground, we don't care. If Brangelina dines at Graham Elliot, you'd better let us know.

Oh, one more thing: we're going live today with two new sister sites: Curbed Chicago, for neighborhood and real estate obsessives, and Racked Chicago, for up-to-the-second shopping intelligence. Do check them out.

So it's really nice to meet you. Here's to the start of a beautiful relationship.

UPDATE: We should have stated this straight up this morning, so here goes now. Some of you may know that Eater Chicago editor Ari Bendersky launched an iPhone app and website called Foodie, doing business with local Chicago restaurants. To avoid editorial conflict, Ari is stepping aside from Foodie's day-to-day dealings to concentrate on Eater. Eater management is confident that the quality and fairness of Eater Chicago's coverage will speak for itself. — LS

Graham Elliot

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