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Step Inside IPO at the W-City Center

Looking down the line
Looking down the line

W Chicago City Center is ready to unveil its swank new restaurant, IPO. Paying homage to the nearby financial district (Get it ... IPO? Initial Public Offering? Ok.), the restaurant has already started serving meals throughout the day (including breakfast for dinner) all at the hands of Chef Trevor Hoyte (Tru, Green Dolphin Street), who says he fits in the "New Urban Cuisine" category (not really sure what that is, honestly).

The hotel converted the former Ristorante We into this sleek, glam space set off the lobby living room and viewable through frosted glass windows (it used to just be a solid wall, allowing people to forget a restaurant was back there). Even Blue (formerly Whiskey Blue), the lounge off the lobby's opposite side, has been opened up and giving a lighter lift and an air of sophistication while still looking welcoming and comfortable.

The whole space now flows better, as do the cocktails. And the food, is pretty tasty. We had a seared tuna with mushrooms and sauteed spinach the other day and loved every bite. We're excited to venture back for the open-face crab cake sandwich, the mini osso bucco, seared scallops with chorizo and, of course, the chocolate and popcorn. Sounds better than popcorn with raisinets, which we love at the movies. Just sayin'...