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More Renderings Take Us Inside Graham Elliot's Grahamwich

Looking into Grahamwich from the street
Looking into Grahamwich from the street

If you walk by Grahamwich's future location, you'll only see a simple logo on the window and a bunch of brown paper. Don't bother trying to peek through (we already did last week); things are so closely guarded at the space that you'll strain your eyes trying to look in. Fortunately, we can stop squinting because renderings of what Graham Elliot's Grahamwich will look like when it opens, which should be sometime this fall, just landed in our inbox.

Most people have seen the exterior shot with the large window, but the other two are new. The interior looks to have high ceilings with long-hanging globe lights coming down from above to illuminate the counter, behind which is a chalkboard to post the menu and possibly daily-changing specials. The trim above the chalkboard reveals whimsical images of ice cream cones, soda bottles, sandwiches and popcorn—maybe even Elliot's signature truffle popcorn he serves at the restaurant.

The room looks bright and airy, with a mix of wood, glass and other materials (not sure what the counter will be made of). The back room, seen in the third image, has a long wood communal table with wood blocks for seats. And the staircase shows a lower level, but whether that's merely for a downstairs prep area and bathrooms or additional seating remains to be seen.

Regardless, the buzz about Grahamwich is high and we'll be keeping a close watch on the progress. Just like those Yelpers.

Graham Elliot

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