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Tribune's Pang on a Quest for Great BBQ

The ever-hilarious Kevn "The Pang" Pang, is on an eight-day road trip to seek out some great eats between Chicago and the South, where he's digging into to some serious BBQ. Pang, a James Beard winner, is joined by Tribune co-worker Keith Claxton. The pair first caught the BBQ bug last February on a 72-hour, eight-state BBQ excursion, where they had their minds blown by what they devoured.

This trip sees the digestive duo heading south toward the Carolinas, throughout the South and by the Gulf Coast on a multi-day road trip. Their first stops took them to Ohio to the Cleveland County Fair for livermush biscuits and then to Cincinnati's Camp Washington Chili, where they indulged in a recipe so top secret, the owner makes the spice mix in a windowless room with two locks.

Pang and Claxton are currently making their way through North Carolina, eating PIedmont-style 'cue. Follow them on their gut-busting adventure and get some great tips for your own future road trip. You may not get a personal mix tape, but you can at least stream theirs.
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