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Alinea Introduces New Autumn Edible Cocktails

Jack Rose
Jack Rose
Photo: Alinea Mosaic

People have said they'd love if someone would invent a pill you could take to mimic the affects of getting drunk ... but without the booze. Alinea gets us one step closer by introducing a new batch of edible cocktails for their fall menu.

Grant Achatz and his team revealed the three new cocktails on Friday. The Cynar Flip is made using a butternut squash custard using iota carrageenan; it's cooked sous vide with Buffalo Trace whisky and brown sugar and then pureed. They top it with a piece of Carpano Antica candy.

To make the Jack Rose, apples are hollowed out and then poached in bonded Applejack 100 and house-made grenadine and ultimately topped with lemon zest, citric acid, maldon salt and micro thyme.

The third, a Girolamo Sour, was actually created by Violet Hour's Stephen Cole. The "drink" comprises four layers of frozen and chewy pudding, incorporating slightly sweetened lemon juice, Luxardo Amaro bitters and grapefruit zest.

Too bad you can't just amble up to a bar at Alinea and order up these tasty concoctions. Fortunately when Aviary opens, that'll all change.

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