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Can Pizza Help De-Sketchify Tough Uptown Corner?

A particular corner in Uptown may get a little less sketch with the addition of new pizza joint Papa Ray's Pizza and Wings. The shop will take over where the short-lived S&L Pantry (its "grand opening" banner is still hanging above the windows) opened a few months back ... and this area is in dire need of new life to help push back the gangbangers who frequent the corner [Ed note: We live nearby so we're speaking from first-hand knowledge].

Papa Ray's second location (the first opened in Logan Square earlier this year) will join other daring restaurants like Cafe Too and Dib to try to help clean up the stretch near Lawrence and Sheridan and make it feel safer. Saying, "We can't lie, it's one great pie," Ray's is the home of the big-as-your-head Monster Slice, and other specialty 'za. You can also grab all-American mac-n-cheese, rib tips, calzone wraps and wings, which come in four different flavors, including garlic parm and spicy & suicide. Maybe some super spicy wings help take care of some of the riff-raff hanging out front.
Papa Ray, On the Way [Uptown Update]

Papa Ray's

4757 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL