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A.V. Club Goes Behind the Scenes at Luma's Corner

Want to know more about what's going on at Lula Cafe as it transforms into Luma's Corner tomorrow night for Halloween? The A.V. Club chatted with Lula owner Jason Hammel about the inspiration behind becoming one of the city's cult burger joints and how they make it their own with a bit of an indie, hipster twist.

The burgers Luma's will have are inspired more by indie rock bands than the metal that is prevalent at Kuma's Corner and even went so far to have a curated section of burgers by the likes of local bands Tortoise, Shellac, Bobby Conn and more. One burger is inspired by Archers of Loaf while another southwestern-themed burger takes its cue from Calexico.

Watch the video:

· Behind the Scenes of "Luma's Corner" [A.V. Club]

Kuma's Corner

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Lula Cafe

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Lula Cafe

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