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Elaine's Chop Suey Shuttered for Mice Droppings

Mayor Daley's Dumpster Task Force forced Elaine's Chop Suey in the Back of the Yards to close after finding nearly 200 mice droppings in places throughout the kitchen, even in plain sight of customers.

According to a release, it took inspectors mere minutes to determine the restaurant was in violation of health codes due to "critical violations of inadequate pest control, improper sanitation and poor hygienic practices and for the serious violation of improper maintenance of a grease disposal container." Elaine's is shuttered until further inspection.

Inspectors found mice droppings in the kitchen, on storage shelves, under the sink, around the front service counter and cash register and on the ledge of the front window. In addition, inspectors discovered that employees did not bother to sanitize dirty dishes, but merely washed them and used dirty rags to wipe dishes and counters.

Elaine's Chop Suey

4638 S. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL