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Wild Pug Closing Tonight; Say Goodbye With $2 Drinks

After finally opening their doors in 2008 following liquor license issues with the city and having to drop the "e" from the name due to Lakeview's Wilde Bar & Restaurant opening first, it seemed like Uptown would get another great bar to hang out, hear hot DJs, dance in the massive back room and cozy up next to the fireplace in winter.

Sadly, however, after a two-year run where it just didn't attract enough of the gays from Boystown (or post-concert goers from the Aragon and Riv), Wild Pug is closing its doors tonight. But instead of going out with a whimper, the bar is going to party it up. They're offering $2 drinks—of everything—until they run out of booze. So if you're near Uptown, or just want to get drunk on the cheap, pop over to Wild Pug, tip your hat and say a proper goodbye. Owners Steven Milford and Brian Wells, who also own Crew next door, will be giving up the space. No word yet on whether another bar or restaurant will take its place. We can keep our fingers crossed though.

Wild Pug [Photo: Chicago Bar Project]

Wild Pug

4810 N. Broadway St., Chicago, IL