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Grahamwich Menu Revealed: Get Ready to Pig Out

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When it comes to lunchtime in River North, you have so many options: Mexican? Vietnamese? American? Vegetarian? Fortunately when Grahamwich finally does open—which may or may not be later this month, although fingers crossed!—you and your work pals can pop in and order whatever you want from Graham Elliot's eclectic International sandwich menu.

The menu at Grahamwich will feature eight types of sandwiches, like beef shortrib, grilled cheese, veggie wrap and banh mi. But these won't be any ordinary sandwiches, mind you. The shortrib will have shoestring potatoes, roasted shallots and creamy horseradish; a jibarito press will have pork shoulder, pickled mango and queso fresco; and the grilled cheese? We have two words for you: cheese curds.

In addition to the sandwiches, which will all run $10, Grahamwich will offer snacks like popcorn, salad, chips and pickles. And once again, put aside any preconceived notions of what you think you know those to be. They'll also serve housemade sodas with flavors like vanilla kola, ginger-citrus and root beer. And for dessert? Greek yogurt or cinnamon stick soft serve, of course. While no one of will enjoy these offerings until the big guy says go, we at least can start thinking about how we'll jump the line to get our food faster.

The Grahamwich working menu:

s a n d w i c h e s

· beef shortrib: baby watercress + shoestring potatoes + roasted shallots + creamy horseradish + hawaiian bread
· pastrami reuben: rutabaga sauerkraut + toasted caraway + gruyere fondue + 1000 island + marbled rye
· turkey confit: candied yams + stewed cranberries + field greens + sage mayo + pretzel roll
· grilled cheese: wisconsin cheddar + shaved prosciutto + tomato marmalade + cheese curds + pullman loaf
· jibarito press: pork shoulder + pickled mango + queso fresco + habenero mustard + crispy plantains
· smoked whitefish: shredded carrots + salted almonds + raisin chutney + curry aioli + indian naan
· veggie wrap: grilled tofu + alfalfa sprouts + sunflower seeds + whipped avocado + spinach tortilla
· banh mi: pork belly + roasted pineapple + daikon slaw + shiitake mushrooms + french baguette

s n a c k s

· g’wich popcorn: grated parmesan + chopped chives + sea salt + cracked pepper + truffle oil
· g’wich salad: red onion + shaved carrot + grape tomatoes + baby frisee + white balsamic
· g’wich chips: yukon potatoes + fresh herbs + bacon bits + cheddar cheese + ranch powder
· g’wich pickles: seasonal veggies + possibly local + probably sustainable + hopefully organic + see server

s o d a s

· vanilla kola
· lemongrass-lime leaf
· ginger-citrus
· root beer

s o f t s e r v e s

· greek yogurt: pomegranate seeds + glazed chestnuts + dark chocolate
· cinnamon stick: roasted apple + salted caramel + pie crust

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