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AlphaBeer: The New Way to Learn Your ABCs

You know your hops from your barley. You can tell the difference between a lager and an ale; a pale ale and an IPA; and a weissbier and a white ale. But how often do you get to taste through a huge variety of disparate beer, in one setting, while going through the alphabet? Exactly, never. And if you did, it'd cost you a bunch and you'd likely fall on the floor and not get up.

That's why we love the idea of AlphaBeer, created by Local Tourist founder Theresa Carter. Now in its fourth installment, AlphaBeer will take guests from A to Z by tasting a beer for each letter of the alphabet. The $40 ticket for this Friday's event gets you 26 tastes and a session led by beer (and wine and spirits) aficionado Kyle McHugh, who owns Drinks Over Dearborn.

Throughout the three-hour evening at the Blackstone Hotel, you'll taste beers like the (A) Amber Ale from Dark Horse Brewing, (H) Humming Ale from Anchor Brewing and (W) White Hawk IPA from Mendocino Brewing. McHugh will discuss each beer and, if you're smart, you'll bring a pad and pen to write it down. Lord knows we wouldn't remember anything after all that.

Craft Beers [Photo: Sips]

Blackstone Hotel

636 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL