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Jam Ceasing Dinner Service for Winter on Oct. 30

If you have been meaning to check out chef Jeffrey Mauro's dinner service at Jam but have been putting it off, you may want to rethink your plans: Jam will stop offering dinner on Oct. 30. Don't worry, it should be back in the spring.

The restaurant, owned by Jerry Suqi (Chickpea), will cease serving its $25 prix-fixe meal when Green City Market heads indoors for the winter. According to a release, "Chef Mauro’s Market Dinners are defined by provenance and seasonality," and since Chicago's ability to truly source local ingredients more or less comes to a halt when the first frost hits, Jam is going back to a breakfast-and-lunch-only spot.
· Jam Dinner Service on Hiatus Until Spring [TOC]

Jam [Photo: Jam]


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