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Dolinksy's Top 5 Bakeries List Includes Bittersweet, Floriole

Floriole Bakery
Floriole Bakery
Photo: Umamimart/Flickr

Continuing his quest to make lists of every possible food category (don't get us wrong, we love the lists), Steve Dolinsky introduces his top 5 picks for best bakeries in Chicago.

Topping the list is Lakeview's Bittersweet. Dolinsky calls out the rustic apple tart; we've always been partial to the rich, decadent chocolate cakes. Right behind is Floriole, which we may have actually named No. 1—if for the space's aesthetic alone. But their European-inspired pastries truly are worth a stop in. The rest of the list includes Angel Food, Brown Sugar and Andersonville's Pasticceria Natalina, which is the spot to hit for authentic Italian pastries.

We were a little surprised to not see the likes of Sweet Mandy B's, Julius Meinl, Fritz Pastry or Bleeding Heart, even as part of the honorable mentions. What do you think? What are you favorite bakeries in the city?
Top 5 Bakeries in Chicago [Vocalo]


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