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Uptown's Pho Viet Shut Down for Code Violations

It's been a while since we reported about a restaurant closing due to health violations, but Mayor Daley's Dumpster Task Force just nailed Uptown's Pho Viet for a number of issues.

The restaurant was first visited and cited Oct. 5 for "inadequate pest control, an improperly maintained grease disposal container and incorrect temperatures for holding food," according to a statement issued by the city and reported in Crain's.

Now because they haven't addressed the issues, including flying insects, rodents and a leaky roof dripping water on the stove hood, cutting board and cold food service line, the city suspended Pho Viet's license until the problems are corrected and the restaurant passes a strict inspection.

Pho Viet Shut Down in Uptown [Crain's via Grub Street]

Pho Viet [Photo: Centerstage]

Pho Viet

4941 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL