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New Southport Grocery to Feature Kosher Butcher

Lakeview residents looking for a more humane method of butchering should know that the new Jewel-Osco set to open Oct. 21 will have a full-on kosher butcher. An email sent to Lakeview residents from Jewel president Keith Nielsen explained that a number of people in the neighborhood expressed interest in expanded kosher offerings.

Due of the store's smaller footprint, Jewel is only able to include the butcher. The email said the store will have a "segregated Kosher meat cutting area, operating under the strict supervision of the Orthodox Union and a Mashgiach T'midei. Our initial plans are to open the shop twice a week, allowing for fresh Glatt Kosher beef, lamb, veal and poultry to be readily available in the Lakeview area."

If you're looking for more kosher food, the Jewel in Evanston (near West Rogers Park, a heavily orthodox Jewish area) at 2485 W. Howard has kosher wine, cheese and two full aisles of kosher products.


3630 N. Southport, Chicago, IL