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Smack Your Lips: Harold's Chicken Opening in Uptown

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In a move that will likely thrill many Uptown residents, Harold's Chicken is opening up shop. The chain, which started in the 1950s on the South Side by Harold Pierce, has locations all over the city, mostly on the South and West sides.

This Uptown spot, just east of the Wilson "L" station, just revealed a sign, confirming rumors that a Harold's would be the newest business to open in the area. Recently, Target opened a block away from this location, which has prompted a clean-up of the area. And it was announced about a week ago that Logan Square pizza shop Papa Ray's, would open a second location in Uptown. Could this be the start of a food renaissance?
Harold's Chicken Coming to Wilson & Clifton [Uptown Update]

Harold's Chicken [Photo: Uptown Update]

Harold's Chicken

1132 W. Wilson Ave., Chicago, IL