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LM Cafe Opens Inside Chicago French Market Today

In its effort to bring Chicagoans even more fresh, eclectic food, the Chicago French Market in the MetraMarket opens LM Cafe today. An offshoot of the popular Lincoln Square bistro LM Restaurant, the cafe will offer a variety of French sandwiches, salads and other regional fare.

LM Cafe will start by offering lunch and dinner and will add breakfast down the line. We're surprised they're not starting with breakfast; who wouldn't wait in line for a warm chocolate croissant to down with their coffee? For now, patrons will have to settle for items like croque monsieur; Nicoise, chef's and Savoyard salads, the last one featuring frisee, bacon, cheese and crouton. No doubt the le jambon-beurre, a buttered baquette topped with ham, pickles, cheese and a homemade tomato jam, will be a hot number, especially in winter.

And of course traditional items like pate will be available, as are decadent dessert, some reflecting owner Stephen Outrequin Quaisser's roots from the Northwest of France.

The Chicago French Market is open year round and features more than 30 vendors of various ethnic offerings.

LM Restaurant

4539 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618 773 942 7585

Chicago French Market

131 N. Clinton, Chicago, IL