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More Uptown Restaurants Seeing Windows Smashed

We certainly don't think "the people" are upset that Ald. Helen Shiller won't run again for the 48th Ward, but we are scratching our heads as to why so many restaurants are being targeting for crime in Uptown.

Last week saw break-ins at a number of spots along Argyle and Broadway, including Pho 777, Hai Yen and Tank Noodle. Now this week, more businesses have been hit, but mostly it looks like windows are being broken and nothing is being stolen. The windows at both iconic jazz club the Green Mill and its down-the-street neighbor Uptown Lounge were both shattered.

A few days later, a window at the Starbucks on Wilson Avenue was also a target. According to comments on Uptown Update, the glass door at restaurant Magnolia Cafe near Starbucks was also smashed earlier this week. Police apparently have a lead on the suspect, who has been breaking the widows in the wee hours of the night, smashing the register and making off with the money.
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The Green Mill [Photo: Esquire]

Tank Noodle

4953-55 North Broadway, , IL 60640 (773) 878-2253 Visit Website

The Green Mill

4802 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL