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La Donna Leaving "Congested" Andersonville

After 13 years and helping make Andersonville a dining destination, Italian eatery La Donna is saying ciao to Clark Street and will open up shop in Edgewater. Owner Antonella Barbanente says the area just got too congested and parking too sparse; could it be they just couldn't compete with all the new kids on the block? The new location, on Clark just south of Devon (just about 1 mile north), is slated to open in November and will add to an increasing crop of new hot restaurants catering to the area's residents who don't eat ramen while cramming for tests. Meanwhile, La Donna's former 90-seat home was located next to Hopleaf, one of the city's best bars -- with one of the largest selections of Belgian beer -- leaving a hole for yet another restaurant to enter the diverse Clark Street corridor (Hopleaf expansion maybe? Doubtful). Now that Tapas Las Ramblas filled the Spanish small plates void in the 'hood, what's next? Ethiopian? Cuban? Vietnamese? Whatever it is, we don't need another Italian joint. [via Crain's]


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