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Will Foodler Change How we do Take Out?

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When ordering from Andie's -- one of our favorite Mediterranean spots -- we were given the option to order online and were seamlessly put into Foodler's interface. We didn't have to leave Andie's site -- Foodler was built into it. And the ordering process was too easy. You can add quantities of any item, write in any special instructions for each item ordered, see approximately how long delivery will take and we even got 10% off for our first use. The food showed up about 10 or so minutes after the the quoted time, but everything was there. Apparently SeamlessWeb is the big deal in New York, but when we plugged in a few zip codes for it in Chicago (Uptown and Wicker Park), nothing came up, despite the service being here. Foodler was great -- and we loved that it showed us all the restaurants in our area based on our address that we could either pick up from or have delivered to us. While there isn't much depth to the restaurants signed up yet, we're hoping it keeps growing. Great service.