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Argyle: the North Side's Asian Enclave

Argyle Street in Uptown, also known as Little Vietnam, is one of the most overlooked food destinations. As "restaurant rows" go this place has some of the best Thai and Vietnamese (with some Chinese tossed in for good measure) in the city. You know it's authentic because the Asians outnumber the white people, and therein lies the charm. If you're looking for pho your options abound as there are at least four spots in two blocks. Bahn mi (Vietnamese sub sandwiches) is in a few places, including the Ba Le sandwich shop (actually on B'way but where it meets Argyle) and the Reader's Mike Sula says La Banh Mi Hung Phat (ok, another not on Argyle -- it's on Sheridan, but also right off Argyle) says they have the best. But Tank Noodle, which probably attracts the most non-Asians, is the place on the North Side for inventive Vietnamese and Chinese eats. If you want a basic pad se ew or are more adventurous, Thai Pastry is your place. The Reader has a great round-up, but if they missed something you love, let us know.