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Eater's Journal: Duchamp

Ah, Duchamp, you're so close to being great. While your space is minimalist and beautiful, it's not the most accommodating. The bar stools were horribly uncomfortable and the patio's communal cedar tables were built a tad too high for less-than-giant sized people. Other than that, your food was decent. Not great, but decent. Chef Michael Taus, who has been heralded for his menu at Zealous, bragged about the seven-hour braised pork shoulder. Seven hours? At that point, it should fall apart just by looking at it. Thank god it came with a puttanesca ragout to give it a little juice because it was bordering on dry. The "Return to Thailand" bouillabaisse was delicious but needed more "base" -- there just wasn't enough sauce. But the "East meets West" hot wings with soy mayo were some of the best we've had: crispy yet juicy to the point of heavenly. We'll go back, but hopefully you'll make some tweaks and be the great spot you're meant to be.