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Shawn McClain Opening Sage in Vegas

As if having three top restaurants in town isn't enough for Shawn McClain, the Spring/Green Zebra/Custom House exec chef has his sites set on Vegas. It was announced a few weeks ago that the James Beard winner will open a spot at the new CityCenter. Last night we attended a private party at Spring where McClain, joined by a team from the Aria Resort & Casino at CityCenter, unveiled the concept for Sage. Or at least the preliminary ideas.

We snacked on a variety of apps (heirloom tomatoes and fresh burrata, dungeness crab dumplings, hamachi tartare with banana miso and glazed almonds, of which we admit we had at least 3. Ok 4.) Dinner was coursed, showing ideas for the menu that bring together McClain's love for fish/seafood (Spring), fresh veggies (Green Zebra) and beef (Custom House). And of course the menu will reflect a focus on local, sustainable products.

We chatted with McClain at various points throughout the night, where he told us he's busy racking his brain to find a chef (preferably from Chicago) to head the kitchen at Sage and wants to make the right pick. "I feel that Chicago is underrepresented out there," he said. He also told us he didn't come up with the name but is trying to figure out a clever way to incorporate it into his menu. Sage advice? Maybe.

Unfortunately we'll have to wait until next December for it to open -- anyone want to book us a room and flight now?

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