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Plywood Report: Zanzibar, Simone's Bar, Milwood Pizza, The Zoo

Edgewater: Now that Sweet Occasions has ceased operations and won't be opening on Bryn Mawr, Zanzibar swoops in to give the 'hood what it was waiting for: an upscale bakery. According to the building owner, Zanzibar will offer coffee, sandwiches, soups and more. And from the looks of it ice cream will also be served. The double-wide storefront, which should open in the next week, just adds to Bryn Mawr's continued improvements. [Plywood]

Pilsen: 18th Street in Pilsen just keeps getting better. Simone's Bar will add a new watering hole for locals to imbibe and according to the bar's website, "We are in the process of building a fantastic spot to grab a drink, eat a delicious meal and kick back with friends and neighbors." Look for an opening sometime this fall. [Plywood]

Wicker Park: Is Milwood ever going to open? This place has been under construction forever and while Chicago is in no shortage of pizza or burger joints, it's time to either shit or get off the pot. Anyone have any news? Send us tips. [Plywood]

The Zoo: You lose some, you win some back. Not only does this pertain to the Cubs but Wrigleyville on the whole. The Twisted Spoke closed (the 'hood is losing some great burgers!) but the Zoo is gearing up to open. The Spoke crew is apparently not behind this spot and calls to the building's owner didn't offer much either. Any intel? [Plywood]