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Breaking: Uptown Getting Wine Bar

The signs at 1329 W. Wilson say "coming soon," but there's no indication of when (according to Uptown Update, the owner is supposedly just waiting on inspections; we tried calling a few times and the calls don't go through). But when "soon" happens, Uptown will get its first wine bar -- Fontana Grill Wine Bar. Strange name but it is a wine bar posing as an Italian restaurant, with a little bit of Bosnian fare tossed in for good measure. You pay for the wine by the ounce, and bottles will never be more than $44. The space, at the corner of Wilson and Beacon, has been completely redone and has a large outdoor patio, which will be great starting next May when we thaw out again. In any case, the neighbors are getting excited about this spot, and with good reason. Just a few blocks east is one of the roughest intersections in the city and this will hopefully only help keep cleaning things up.