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Graham Elliot: GE 2.0 in full force

After this story came out late last week that Graham Elliot Bowles had gone and gotten all uppity on us at his namesake restaurant, we decided to check in with the chef ourselves and see what was up. He did say the dining room had been changed up but that was always his plan. In the summer, the window boxes along the walls housed lemons; now they hold pumpkins, indian corn and hay. Winter will bring something else. But despite the story implying the indie rock and laid-back atmosphere was being shelved to create a more finer-dining vibe, Bowles tells us, "While the menu has been tweaked, the dining room is still laid back in its approach and atmosphere. The music is still indie and loud, the lights are bright, and the room is packed. Also, we still do not have a dress code." Where the menu is concerned, Bowles followers needn't fear too much change. Out are the malt balls and Cheez-Its, but because they're pulling in "between 200-325 people each night," Bowles says the amount of guests dictates how intricate the food will be. "I don't want to say 'never,' but at this point we have no plans to offer tasting menus or to go in an Avenues direction."