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Look Inside Province

We're all still waiting with baited breath to see what former Nacional 27 chef Randy Zweiban pulls out with Province, his Spanish and South American-inspired menu, and Hungry Mag's Michael Nagrant got a sneak peek at the inside. He calls it "one of the cooler looking rooms around," with its hanging (petrified and sandblasted) manzanita tree branches, hot pink accent walls, cork and reclaimed wood tables and stunning food photos from his girlfriend, Laurie Proffitt. What else we know about the space, which is set to open mid October, is that it's housed in a gold-level LEED-certified green building just down the street from Sepia. The ceiling tiles are white acoustic and there are floor-to-ceiling windows giving the space plenty of light. There's a 900-plus-bottle wine wall separating the main and private dining rooms and the menus will be eco-friendly as well made from PVC-free vinyl with recycled paper.


123 North Jefferson Street, , IL 60661 (312) 441-1920 Visit Website