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Plywood Report: Nesh, Fuel

1) Lincoln Park: DePaul students, Trixies and Chads alike are getting a healthy eating option in the next week or two when Nesh opens just east of Halsted on Fullerton. We stopped in today and chatted with owner Rami Kashkeesh, who seemed pretty eager to get the spot open. It's a fresh, inexpensive alternative to fast food and greasy diners in the area and will offer salads, smoothies and sandwiches on bread baked on premise. Kashkeesh, who also owns a number of Mrs. Field's cookie stores, is hoping to expand this concept to the Gold Coast and elsewhere after that. [Plywood]

2) Wicker Park: The big, metallic sign is a huge beacon on Division but what is Fuel gonna be? A kitchen and cocktail lounge. They'll serve lunch, dinner and have a late night menu and live music. Not sure if it's gonna be a cool spot or be a beacon for d-bags (we worry about the latter based on some of their ads). We're hoping for cool, natch.