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DOH: Bar Louie Shut Down

Why is it when restaurants are cited for being dirty and given the chance to make good, they don't listen? Do they think, like all the people who talk on their cell phones while driving, that they're above the law? Guess what? You're not. Bar Louie's Hyde Park location was shut down yesterday by the city. On Sept. 23, Mayor Daley's Dumpster Task Force (what a job that must be!) stopped by Bar Louie, you know, just to say hi. They found some, um, unpleasantness in the fly and rodent arena. They gave the restaurant a week to fix things, but when Streets and San went back yesterday, they found the little critters -- and some random housekeeping issues -- were still afoot. Shut 'em down, lock 'em up. A press release from the city's department of rodent control said Bar Louie must pass inspection and prove they're stepping things up to control the mice. Anyone hungry for lunch?

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