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Plywood Report: Tiny Lounge Update

We told you last week that Tiny Lounge was re-opening, nearly three years after it shuttered because of the Brown Line expansion. It's possible that old-school fans are worried about how it will change -- but keep in mind that change is good. Sure, we want the smoky, jazzy vibe in the new space, but back then, you could smoke inside. Back then, the bar was under the El tracks. Now it's moving into Lincoln Square. It has fancy neighbors. So it too will get a makeover. Expect it to be warmer and brighter, with lighter woods -- textured and staggered apple plywood throughout, to be exact. The old booths will be back and will be joined by cozy nooks and banquets. The perfect martinis will be accompanied by even more classic cocktails; the wine list will expand to about 50 bottles and there will be upwards of 60 different beers (10 on tap). And they'll have small plates, with a menu designed by Chef Joel Cooper (Wolfgang Puck; SWK). And the front will have tall windows that will open up onto the street. So fear not, Tiny is coming back, but it may look slightly different than you remember. We're excited -- you should be, too. [Note: we stopped by there today and are hoping to return to take some teaser pix.]

Tiny Lounge

4352 N Leavitt Street, Chicago, IL 60618 773 463 0396 Visit Website