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EaterWire: Goose Island Plans on Hold for new Brewpub

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Last spring word got out that the original Goose Island brewpub on Clybourn would close by the end of the year because it had lost its lease. It was a sad day because Goose Island was one of the first businesses on the now overcrowded corridor and it helped pave the way for so many other places to open, including Sam's Wines, Best Buy, Patagonia and Trader Joe's. But the company currently has no plans to re-open elsewhere, according to a source. The owners are putting plans on hold until they decide what the new concept will be. Meanwhile, they're keeping their main brewery open in Fulton Market and continuing to serve currently unhappy Cubs fans in at the brewpub in Wrigleyville. We're hoping they come back with something great - and who knows, maybe they'll help build a new neighborhood this time around. [EaterWire]