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Eater Inside: Red & White

After having spent numerous years working at restaurants in Chicago and New York, Sean Krainik and Nathan Adams wanting out from behind the bar. So they took their years of pouring wine and drinks and turned it into their passion. The result is the new Bucktown wine shop Red & White. We don't normally do an Eater Inside feature on a storefront, but we thought the look of R&W was just too good not to share. And if you get there soon, you'll still appreciate the wafty scent of the wood used to build the displays.

The wine selection is decidedly old world with a large focus on Spain, France, Germany and Italy. There are some California and South American wines, but the great thing is how unique many of the bottles are. What's out is what's in stock and the price points are usually pretty affordable. The space itself is minimalist and really damn cool. Krainik said they took a few months to build out the shop and the trickiest part was getting the custom-made display cases up on the wall. If you're in the neighborhood, stop in. The guys are more than happy to sit and chat -- it's what makes the experience all the better. Oh, and when you're done, pop across the street to Irazu for one of the city's best chicken burritos and don't forget the oatmeal shake.


1865 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647 Visit Website