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mk Names Erick Wilson as top chef

After 10 years, mk has definitely seen its share of great chefs pass through its doors. Now following the departure of Erick Simmons, owners Michael and Lisa Kornick have just announced the ascension of Erick Williams to the top spot. Williams, who has been in the kitchen since the restaurant opened, will continue the restaurant's tradition of serving fresh, locally sourced food (when available) but wants to take things up a notch. "I share a lot of the some philosophies they do, but am trying to breathe new life into a lot of our signature dishes with some of the classic cooking styles," Williams said.

He has seen the restaurant's evolution and can now bring new techniques and ingredients not used before. He has integrated sous vide into his preparations, but is also a big fan of braising. He likes the opportunity to "slow cook things from beans to greens to short ribs and items that the French are very big on using like cheeks and other by products on the cow that take that long, slow cooking process. I don't think there's anything better at the end of the day when it's cold outside than great stews and braised foods."

And when he's not preparing food in the kitchen, what's he eating? Usually an Italian beef from nearby Mr. Beef or Al's Beef. It's his guilty pleasure. [EaterWire]

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