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Garbage Dumping: Earwax Shut Down

Welcome to Garbage Dumping, where Eater reports on the latest Department of Public Health inspections and closings. If you hear of an establishment that the DOPH shuts down, let us know and send an email to

earwax.jpgLooks like it wasn't a buildup of wax that got caused an infection at this coffee shop, but rather an infestation of rats. Earwax, a Wicker Park hipster hang, was shut down today after inspectors found rat droppings in a basement storage area and holes in basement walls big enough to let in rodents and other insects. Their outside garbage container was also a cause for concern as it was poorly maintained and had garbage overflowing onto the ground -- basically a buffet for rodents. Inspectors showed up at Earwax on Oct. 15 for a surprise inspection, which revealed the infractions. Owners were ordered to clean up and fix the problems, but since they didn't, they city shut them down. They have to now appear before an administrative board on Dec. 4 and pay an expected fine of $1,000. We actually came thisclose to going there today for a latte; soooo glad we went to Alliance instead. [EaterWire]