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Plywood Report: Mantou Noodles

Wicker Park: Ok, so we don't really know too much more than what was revealed last week, but we did manage to get some pix of the soon-to-open Mantou Noodles Bar. The space looks like it still needs some decent work and when we swung by around 10:30 this morning, there was no construction activity. According to the hours of business posted on the window, Mantou is either going to serve breakfast (opens at 10:30 weekdays and by 9 on the weekend) or they're hoping people will take away food for lunch at work. Weekend brunch maybe? Dim sum? We're excited to find out. And they'll have free Wi-Fi. Noodles and notebooks? Could be a good idea. One thing we did notice was the ZK awning was still there. Was that place even open for more than five minutes? [Plywood]