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Zell Likes Cupcakes, Eagles

Wasn't there a time the Eagles said they'd only reunite if hell froze over? Well now not only are they laughing all the way to the bank, but apparently they're eating lots of sweets on the ride. When the band was in town the other day to play Sam Zell's mega birthday bash, they along with the other 800 (right, 800!) lucky guests feasted on more than 4,800 mini cupcakes from the new More Cupcakes boutique in the Gold Coast. Seems like Hell is a great place to find savory mini BLT cupcake apps (yum!) alongside others concocted with strawberry, black peppercorn and balsamic as well as fig, port and blue cheese (um, really?). In our humble opinion, some things just shouldn't be put into a cupcake. But when you're Sam Zell and you have plenty of cash -- do what you want.

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