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Jimbo's to Keep Serving Sox Fans During Playoffs

Sox fans and Bridgeport residents who feared local sports bar Jimbo's would close because owners of the building were trying to evict the bar. Fear not, Sox fans -- Jimbo's Lounge is staying open -- for now. Despite losing its eviction appeal case this morning in First District of the Illinois Appellate Court, Jimbo's owners, Jim and Joyce Levato, are taking their case to the Illinois Supreme Court. What may save the bar, which calls itself the "anti Cubby Bear" in reference to the big sports bar across the street from Wrigley Field, from shuttering is if the high court either passes down a decision in favor of Jimbo's or chooses not to hear the case. Either way, the Levatos get to keep on slinging Old Style at least through the end of the season. The building's owners told the Levatos back in 2006 they weren't renewing their lease and apparently had been in talks with the owners of John Barleycorn to open there. Talks stalled after the Levatos put up a fight. Maybe Jimbo's needs a blackout to help hem win like the Sox.

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