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Garbage Dumping: Bar Louie remains closed; Chinese Royal Kitchen closed

Welcome to Garbage Dumping, where Eater reports on the latest Department of Public Health inspections and closings. If you hear of an establishment that the DOPH shuts down, let us know and send an email to

1) Bar Louie Fails inspection...Again: Really?! You failed your inspection a second time? Man, who is in charge over there? After more than 1,000 rat droppings were found in the basement on Oct.9, the management has had ample time to clean up and remedy the problems facing the restaurant. Today, Bar Louie requested a re-inspection -- without apparently doing its own inspection -- because health department workers found more feces in the basement, fruit flies in the kitchen and gaps in doors that could allow rodents entrance into the kitchen and restaurant. Bar Louie will remain closed until they can get their shit together. [EaterWire]

2) Chinese Royal Kitchen: When you have "flying insects" that won't move from a knife blade that's hanging from a wall until it's physically swatted away, you know you have problems. Add to that more than 440 mice droppings -- many on top of canned goods -- and that's just gross. So, Armour Square's Chinese Royal Kitchen, whatchoogondo? Clean that mess up. The deputy commissioner of Streets & Sanitation's Bureau of Rodent Control said owners have to totally revamp their housekeeping and pest control regimes before the bureau will even consider a re-inspection. [via Sun-Times]