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EaterWire: Primehouse, Mixteco Grill, Red Lion Pub

RIVER NORTH—You want a fat, juicy burger for an insanely good price? Starting Monday -- just for the week -- Primehouse is offering its new 40-day dry-aged steakhouse burger for just $5. Get in quick because after that the price goes up to the regular $15 for the burger that comes with smoked-bacon mayo, crispy fried onions and garlic spinach. We're getting in line now. [via Thrillist]

RAVENSWOOD—The lines-out-the-door BYO spot Mixteco Grill just announced it's making space for all of you who can't wait outside in the cold: they're taking over the storefront next door and adding 35 more seats and two additional bathrooms. [via Dish]

LINCOLN PARK—The mystery is solved. Red Lion is closed, but not for good. Well, the state it's currently in is closed, but owner Colin Rod Cordwell confirmed he's tearing down the old building and constructing a fully green building in its place. The new pub, which should be open in July 2009, will focus on country English and country French. [via Dish]