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EaterWire: Pops Penny Promo, Wine for Cancer, Uber Burger open?

RIVER NORTH—With hard economic times comes hard drinkin' times -- and just because your portfolio may be disappearing, that's no reason not to enjoy good bubbly. Starting Oct. 15 and running through the end of the year, Pops for Champagne will deduct $0.01 for every point the Dow Jones average increases after the closing bell. So if it goes up 100 points, you get $1 knocked off your bill. And when you're paying $1,500 for a bottle of Krug 1996 Clos du Mesnil (or more realistically a glass of Veuve Gold Label vintage for $23), that's quite a deal! [EaterWire]

LINCOLN PARK—Like wine? Want to help find a cure for breast cancer? Starting today, every purchase of Two Brothers winery "Big Tattoo Red" you buy at Wine Discount Center, the shop will donate $2 to the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation. When you consider the wine only costs $7.99, the shop is likely not making anything off the sale. They're also donating $3-$5 on purchases of Catena wines (chard, cab, malbec and "alta" malbec). So what you waiting for? Get shopping.[~E~]

EVANSTON—When Omaggio, La Petite Amelia and Uber Burger, all formerly owned by Robert LaPata, closed suddenly in July, a note was posted that they were closing for "summer vacation" and would re-open Sept. 1. That didn't happen. Apparently there were financial disagreements between LaPata and major investor (read: landlord) Cameel Halim and the three spots shuttered overnight. Now we hear that Uber Burger has re-opened with chef Armando Cabrera overseeing the kitchen and that the other two locations (all in the same building) are being reconcepted and will open soon. A call into Halim has not yet been returned. [~E~]

Pops for Champagne

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