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EaterWire: Avenue M and Ruhlmann Closed, Pontiac, Goose Island

RIVER WEST—After a little more than two years, Avenue M is shuttered. The beautiful bi-level restaurant on Milwaukee Avenue has been sold. No details on what's coming next or who bought it, but let's hope the next owner will make the most of that great patio. Apparently owner Dan Schwab partnered with White Sox GM Kenny Williams and the duo plan to open an upscale sports bar in the West Loop on Randolph. [Nightspotting]

RIVER NORTH—Ah Brasserie Ruhlmann, that didn't last very long. Must have been the huge buzz that surrounded you when you opened. What happened? You're closed for a few weeks now for, um, restructuring? Does that mean you're coming back with a whole new look? We've seen that before. Maybe we're wrong and you're just making some internal moves. Only time will tell. [Diva]

LINCOLN PARK—Goose Island's owners have set a closing date for their original brewpub: Dec. 21. As we already mentioned, there are no plans yet to reopen elsewhere; the brothers Hall are waiting to figure out how they want to concept the next place. But they are planning a number of closing specials and celebrations. More on that soon. [EaterWire]

WICKER PARK—Word is slowing leaking the the Pontiac has been sold and will close this fall. We ran into Donnie Madia who, along with partner Terry Alexander, bought the grungy hipster bar. They're still figuring out the concept and Madia told us that they're hoping to keep the vibe similar, but will "degrunge" some things. Such as? New plumbing. New concrete floor. They may even build it out as a music venue. [EaterWire]